About Compel Capital

Our Focus

The focus of Compel Capital is to provide lasting relationships where we partner with clients and provide the funds they need to start realizing their real estate goals.  With our capital and expertise, we are able to close more deals for clients, helping them to:

  • Analyze the numbers to determine if the investment will be profitable
  • Determine the best acquisition and disposition strategies
  • Help for the newer client to negotiate the contract for best price
  • Write the purchase contracts in client's favor
  • Explain the closing process, costs, and how the process works
  • Review all exit strategies to fit their end goal: cash now, long term income, etc.

WE ALSO BUY NOTES of all types such as seller finance notes, institutional notes, private lending notes, etc.

Your Investment Deal Consultant

Randy Rodenhouse

Randy Rodenhouse

Randy will be your main point of contact during the lending process.  Randy is a real estate investor with more than 30 years of experience.  He purchased his first rental property in 1992. 

He has purchased, sponsored, and structured millions of dollars in real estate. He is also a limited partner in several debt and equity funds and syndications in commercial real estate.  In addition, he consults/advises individuals nationwide on creative real estate, private lending, single family rentals and mortgage note investing.  

Randy's started his career in the corporate world. He worked for two major chemical companies as Director of Operations with several hundred employees before he decided to “retire” and transition into real estate full time.

Randy has 11 publications and two patents. He also wrote a book about how to invest in alternative assets inside a self-directed IRA. You can find the book on Amazon, titled “IRA & 401k Income Builder”.