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What is Regulation X

What is Regulation X (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act – RESPA)? One of the more important federal laws governing mortgage lending is the Real Estate…

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Weathering A Real Estate Storm

During a real estate downturn, the key to success is risk management. Many financial indicators are showing that the real estate market is turning south.…

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Buy and Sell House in an IRA

If you read the headlines and listen to the news you would think the world is coming to an end.  Most of the so-called issues…

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Best Real Estate Investment Strategies in Declining Market

We are in a period of uncertainty as inflation is rising, the stock market pulls back, and the house prices are slowly declining.  Even though…

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Reasons to Own Property in a Land Trust

Hide your name on public record and in turn discouraging litigation.  Attorneys tend to sue those who they think have money since most work on…

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Pay Off Debt or Invest

Paying off debt versus using the money to invest in other opportunities is always a decision that I struggled with over the years. When I…

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Invest In These Affordable Cities

Nowadays it seems like there is no place to find a decent deal since the housing prices have gone up so much in recent years.  Given…

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How and Why to Raise Rents

If you are a landlord and you’ve been worried about how to raise the rent on a tenant, read on to see whether you should…

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What Does it Mean to Perfect a Lien?

Bottom of Form If a lien is “perfected” it means that the mortgage lender (i.e., creditor) has established its priority (1st, 2nd position, etc.) on…

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What Exactly is a Super Lien?

A “super lien” is a category of lien that, under a state statute, is given a higher priority than other types of liens. When it…

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Foreclosure Auction – What Liens Are Removed and Which Survive

If you purchase a property at a foreclosure auction or buy a non-performing notes and foreclose as the lender, then you should be aware of…

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How to Determine Fair Market Rent

Market rent is determined by how much renters are able and willing to pay in your area and the best indicator is what other landlords…

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Randy Rodenhouse
Author: Randy Rodenhouse

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